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Fly High Wisconsin, LLC is dedicated to have safety as its first mission.
Safety for customers and employees alike.

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Sample a small taste of stunning visuals on this breathtaking journey with our photo gallery.

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Sunset at the Lure.

Fly High Helicopter Tours

Fly High Helicopter Tours

Next drawing March 3rd

29th Annual Free Spring fishing sale with Seminars

Wilderness Fish & Game

500 Water St.  Sauk City, WI 53583

Want a drawing at your location or want us to fly your event  contact us at  608-712-7796

Fly High Baraboo Bluff Flight

New Flight paths have been added!

Introductory Flight – Gallery Image 1

Flight Through The Bluffs

Take a wonderful flight through the areas bluffs as you soar the skies overlooking breathtaking vistas and stunning scenery.

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Schedule a Sunset Flight…impress your date or capture spectacular sunset images! CALL Johnathan at 608-434-0066 for your flight tomorrow.

(24 hours advance scheduling please)

Flight Instruction coming soon !